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CLUSTER for IT Support to the Black Sea Touristic Business was registered on the territory of Burgas district in 2016.

Activities are focused on:

  • support the training and development of practical skills, as well as career development of young specialists in the tourism business;
  • support to young people in Burgas region and beyond for their personal, educational, cultural and professional development and orientation towards career in the field of tourism;
  • implementing youth initiatives for innovative software and web-based solutions;
  • raising the educational level and professional qualification of the tourism staff;
  • bringing the education system in Bulgaria in line with the needs of the tourism business for highly qualified specialists;
  • organising professional practices of students from Bulgaria and abroad, using and applying the experience of the academic community in implementing European projects in the field of IT and tourism;
  • investigation of the business needs for tourism specialists;
  • development of the regional economy in the field of IT support of the tourism industry.


The Cluster dedicates its work on the interrelation between ICT and tourism. The Cluster’s primary focus falls within the development and the dissemination of new ICT solutions allowing easy and effective links between the demand and the supply side of the fast-growing tourism sector in EU. Extensive amount of its work is dedicated to strengthening the motivation, knowledge and skills of young people for a successful career in the tourism sector by using ICT resources, trying, at the same time, to change the common perception of tourism as a temporary and season-based low paid option for employment.

Since its formal establishment of 2016, the Cluster has managed to gain a wide recognition among academia, NGOs and businesses from geographical areas in the country where IT and tourism services are highly developed and competitive.